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How To Increase ROI – Return on Investment

Things to Consider.

A. Reduce Expenses
B. Decrease Outstanding in market
C. Reduce Market Credit
D . Liquidation of slow moving stocks, near expiry Stocks, dead stock (run scheme by taking company approval)
E. Timely submission of claims in the company
F. Increase New Outlets
G. Increase Secondary (range selling)
H. Focus on high margin Sku’s
I. Group working to increase coverage
J. Try to control Infiltration & rate cutting
K. Try to prepare stock norms as per distributor’s area
L. Cover high volume outlets along with the distributors
M. Reduce Investment Cycle (It should not create secondary loss)
N. Try to rotate Stocks Primary against Secondary reducing stock level and increasing secondary (if dbr is having 15+ days stocks bring it to 7 days)
O. No extra commitment should be given to the Distributor
P. Checking bank limits, manpower costing, space allotted of the Distributors

Increase Roi - Return On Investment
Article Name
Increase Roi - Return On Investment
Points to remember to Increase Roi - Return On Investment

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